Step 2 (of 4 Easy Steps to Relax Your Breathing): Breathe out!

This exercise will help you to relax your breathing and help you learn to use the full capacity of your lungs. It works like this: Stand up straight, shoulders back and head straight, but do not hold your head up. Breathe normally. Now breathe out until you feel your lungs are empty and nothing comes out anymore. Do this a few times to get used to it without getting stressed out. Breathe out and do not breathe in straight away. Instead, hold your breath before you breathe in for a few seconds. Now breathe in, your body will automatically do the work for you. No need to exaggerate by taking an extra deep breath. When you breathe in after holding your breath for a few seconds, focus on feeling how your belly rises and your rib cage expands. Allow yourself to feel the air move into your body!

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